Ah The Future…Cleaning Business Maybe?

You know, a life lived well is one with a long and winding path left behind…

…maybe even a few failed paths and things, you’ve got to have variation, you’ve got to move about, you’ve got to do crazy things, you’ve got to experiment, you’ve got to live a life that you would live and live again and live a million times until your fully definitely dead.

Now that’s a life! I’m trying to spice up my life a little so I’ve been looking into how to set up an oven cleaning business  because I’ve always been good at cleaning and I’ve always wanted to start my own business, so really it’s a perfect match!

‘Yeah’ I though, ‘yeah I can do that, I can do anything! So I can start a cleaning business right? And I should do something, so I should do that’ and I was right so I am going to do that. Exactly that and you can’t stop me, yay! Ha, stupid idiots are always trying to stop me achieving my dreams but I will not be stopped ever ha!


Next destination: Dreams! Where’s your destination friend? Are you heading to your dreams or are you heading straight down the toilet! You don’t want to be there there’s poo in there! Ewwwwww yuk.

So get over the hill of self doubt, climb the fences of laziness and break into the farmers yard of opportunity!