One Piece Pools And Oh These Fools

Five railway lines meet in Shrewsbury.

Five lines head into our beautiful station and five head back out.

This is quite impressive and quite unusual. For a town of our size it really is quite a lot and it’s part of Shrewsbury being a busy bustling place with folks always heading in and out.  You get in and out of Shrewsbury, but a lot of people stay here too. Those who do want stuff to do are one of our responsibilities here at Shrewsbury Summer. We have to help you to find things to do in this great town, which is a fun and challenging part of what we want to do here! So, this week, let’s have a swim!


We all know Quarry leisure centre, which some developers want to move out to the edge of the town but the public has said they want to keep in the city centre, is our most popular swimming spot, but it might be that this summer is going to see all that changing as there have been reports of an explosion of inquiries about one piece pools in the Shrewsbury area. So it looks like domestic swimming might the new trend this year.

Have you looked into getting a one piece pool? Do you know anyone else who as? Where will you be swimming this summer?