Shrewsbury Is Old, I’m Talking 3 Digit Years Old!

Surrounded on almost all sides by the glorious River Severn some have said that Shrewsbury is almost an Island…

Hidden from the rest of the world, breeding an inward looking isolation that creates a slightly feverish claustrophobia to the experience of living and, ultimately, dying here.  

This isolation not only keeps the world out, it keeps us in, and in doing that has preserved so much of our life and history in a wonderful, if somewhat Mrs Havisham-like, living time capsule. Yes, we have kept our magpie-patterned buildings all across the town, preserved beautifully for so many years. Our towering and imposing 11th century still stands, as it will for another 1000 years, until we are all long dead, until maybe humans have died out and failed, long stall the castle stand.


It’s quite a castle.

Our cobbled streets hold many delights, and summer is just the absolute best time to explore these delights and, yes, delight in these delights. Many a person visiting great Shrewsbury ask ‘When was Shrewsbury’s ‘Golden Age’?’ and I love this question because I love its very true answer: there are many golden ages of Shrewsbury!

There were the Tudor times, the Georgian years, the Norman period, a Victorian bit and some sort of a Art Deco point in time the influence of which can still be seen around the city. So hold on tight, because here we are going to see all of it…